Are you ready to embrace your financial power and bloom into the life you been dreaming of? Get ready, because you are so WORTHY!!

Are you constantly worried about money? You get financial advice and tips from every source imaginable. However, you find yourself paralyzed to take control of your money. Everywhere you turn someone is telling what not to do with your money, on the other hand few people are telling you what do with your money to set you on the path to financial freedom.

As a result, this information has lead to people feeling beat down by their finances and like they will never be able to get control and get ahead financially. There is a disconnect between your money and your self-worth.

The Worth 6 Month Coaching Program can help you connect with your money, show that budgeting and money habits don’t have to feel like a punishment and set you on the path to financial independence.

The word budget is often treated like a dirty word and it brings dread to mind of many people. People see it as a regular reminder of how bad they think their financial situation is and how they just can’t seem to make end meet.

The Worthy Program will make budgeting a empowered process that helps set you up with a map to getting your financial goals.

Are you ready to start to feel WORTHY when it comes to your money.

Financial Coaching is helping Americans across the country


Increase their Financial Capability Score*

*Financial Coaching Initiative: Results and lessons learned, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, May 2021.


See a decrease in their debt**

** “Scaling Financial Coaching: Critical Lessons and Effective Practices, Citi Foundation and Neighbor Works America, 2013


Increase the amount in their savings account**

The Worthy Coaching Program

Above all, the Worthy Coaching Program is a private one on one program that is crafted to deal with your personal finance goals. The long term program allows you and your coach to do an in depth look at your money story and money habits. Together, you will work on creating wealth goals, budgets and saving habits that allow you to plan for the future.

Start discovering how WORTHY you are, book a session today.

The Worthy Discovery Session

The discovery session is a private meeting with a certified financial coach. The purpose of this meeting is to discover your

most pressing financial issues and give you a plan to tackle them and give you the first steps

With a Discovery Session you get…

✔️ 2 hours Private Meeting with Coach Victoria “Vicky” Lowell

✔️ Access to our on demand personal finance course

In addition:

✔️ Guidance on your money mindset

✔️ Plan for tackling your debt

✔️ Starting Budget Plan that doesn’t feel restrictive

✔️ A plan for saving that works for you to attain your goals.

Schedule a Worthy Discovery Session

2 Hour Private Meeting – $300

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