Empowered Worth: Worthy Wisdom for Women Podcast

The Reviews are in and everyone loves the Empowered Worth Podcast

  • This is an amazing podcast and the topics are so helpful!
  • I might be biased since empowering women around money & wealth is one of my “things” but I resonated so much with Vicky! May all women know they have a seat at the financial table and that they CAN build wealth through education and confidence building. Well done, Vicky!
  • I love the tone and mood of this podcast… the guests are so relateable as well as INCREDIBLY inspirational! As a daughter in a Puerto Rican family, Victoria's Cuban roots are so similar and familiar to me. I've definitely found my tribe on this podcast! You'll walk away feeling SO worthy.
  • I love this podcast. It is so much more than interviews. These are women with stories and insight to share. Each one is different but each one empowers you more than the last.
  • So greatful to Vicky for creating this podcast in helping women break free financially preparing for the unforeseen circumstances we don’t always see ourselves in, it’s really important we have that support out there and we allow ourselves to stand on our own two feet financially. I know Vicky is very passionate about what she […]
  • Such a great show with incredible guests sharing their wisdom and commitment to empowering women to stand in their worth and own their value, not just in their finances, but in every aspect of their lives. Vicky is the real deal and leads courageous, authentic conversations with other women leaders.

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