Meet Empowered Worth® Founder and President

Meet our Founder

Victoria “Vicky” Lowell

Born and raised in Florida, Vicky has always been passionate about entrepreneurial pursuits. In 2012, she started her career in finance at UBS Financial Services. By 2017, she transitioned into a financial advisor.

Vicky has always been an active member of the community and worked for various entities nationwide. From open and honest conversations within these communities, she discovered the need for women to learn financial planning.

This passion then drove her to enhance her career and advance her education in the immediate and long-term financial implications of divorce as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®(CDFA®). Victoria is trained in Collaborative Law and is committed to helping her clients find divorce solutions that empower them and bring them peace of mind.

She recently was also certified as a College Financial Counselor® and help clients navigate funding college expenses and navigating to the student loan maze.

In late 2018, she left UBS Financial Services to follow her passion and founded EMPOWERED WORTH. Recently, she became an international bestselling author. Her book Empower your Worth, both English and Spanish versions, reaching the Bestseller’s List in various categories and countries. In 2020, Empower Your Worth became a finalist in the Canadian Book Club Awards.

Empowered Worth®

Was founded to give women the power to create their financial futures.



Empowered Worth is changing the narrative that finance is easier for men than it is for women.

Our goal is to ensure a woman’s importance in her household’s financial future. Whether they are single, married, or divorced, we give women from all walks of life the confidence to take charge of their assets.

Empowered Worth’s ground-breaking curriculum serves as a platform to educate women on a wide variety of topics in the financial arena and beyond.

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