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Empowered Worth® provides financial coaching for individuals and couples. If you dread opening your bank statements and bills, if you keep procrastinating saving money or planning for retirement, help is here. Financial coaching can help you gain clarity and confidence to attain your wealth goals. As a result, you can gain insight and skills into your money mindset and motivations, budgeting, saving and financial planning. Money is a reality that no one can avoid, and having control of your financial power is crucial to living the life you have always wanted.

Victoria Lowell, CDFA®, CCFC®

“Money is fluid and part of every aspect of your life. Understanding how it flows is just as important as knowing how to walk, sun, swim and drive”

-Victoria Lowell, Founder and President of Empowered Worth®

Many people have no idea what the flow of money looks like in their lives. Yet, we know that money is a necessary tool to living the life we have always wanted. Learning to use money to create this world is what financial coaching can bring to your life. Coaches can help teach you how to get over obstacles and create a plan and a framework that can set you on the path to attaining your goals. Empowered Worth® programs are designed to do just this.

Worthy Coaching Program

The Worthy 6 Month Coaching Program

The Worthy Coaching Program is a private one on one program that is crafted to deal with your personal finance goals. The long term program allows you and your coach to do an in depth look at your money story and money habits. Together, you will work on creating wealth goals, budgets and saving habits that allow you to plan for the future.

Empowered 6 Week Group Coaching Program

The Empowered Group Coaching program puts together a select group of individuals who are looking to connect their self -worth with their net-worth. During this program we look at money mindset, money story and start to reframe your relationship with money. Culminating with a look at spending habits and budgeting.

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