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Are you ready to start on a Empowered Finances Mindset?

Empowered Finances Mindset 6 Week Coaching Program

One of the common traits of wealth people is the mindset with which they approach money. Money Mindset is what can set you on a path to wealth creations.

Many of us have heard the story of people who worked and made a fortune but were alway hard up for money or had no wealth. The one common factor to a lot of these stories, a negative money mindset.

The Empowered Finances Mindset Program is designed to help participants dispel negative programing about money and change their mindset to one of financial empowerment.

Growing your wealth is very much like growing a garden. You must look at the seed that have been planted, give it the right nourishment and care take it so that your can grow your wealth. Yes, money does not grow on trees, but it also can not prosper if you are the main obstacle.

For many of us have preconceived notion about money, many times causing an aversion to wealth. Maybe you were taught that money was root of all evil or dirty. For others, they have experienced economic trauma in their lives that has left them paralyzed when dealing with their finances.

Are you ready to tend to your garden and change your money mindset?

The cornerstones to empowering your financial mindset

empowered financial mindset

What you get in the Empowered Finances Mindset Program

6 Pre-recorded guided money meditation

Weekly group sessions for 1 hour over 6 week program

Guided Live Instruction from Empowered Worth® President, Victoria “Vicky” Lowell

Access to Empowered Worth® online personal finance and investing course through Thinktific.

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  • August 8th
  • October 3rd


  • January 2nd
  • February 27th
  • April 24th
  • More Dates will be posted soon
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