Do you find yourself tormented because of a divorce?

Are you scared the future you imagine has been derailed because your marriage is ending?

Are you asking yourself these questions:

Will I be able to afford retirement?
Where will I live, can I afford to stay in my house?
Will I be able to send my children to college?
How will I pay my healthcare expenses, my insurance was provided by my former spouse?


Start Thinking Financially, Not Emotionally! Hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst today

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I am trained to:
• Provide a Financial Analysis for your future
• Make sure you understand short and long term
financial impacts of different settlement proposals
Help you understand
• Personal and Marital Property
• Valuing and Dividing Property
• Retirement Pensions
• Spousal and Child Support
• Tax Implications and Solutions

What can a CDFA® do for you?

I focus this practice on those individuals going through a divorce by
providing clarity on the financial issues that will arise during this
painful life transition.

I understand that separation and divorce present an emotional
challenge and may create anxiety about establishing and maintaining
your lifestyle and financial goals moving forward.

I work with you and your team of advisors to help you gain peace of
mind, ensuring that your settlement is financially feasible. We offer
expert advice about your unique financial needs with an objective,
stabilizing viewpoint that is necessary in a very emotional situation.

-Victoria “Vicky” Lowell , Founder and President of Empowered Worth

The CDFA® Process

Stage 1: Preparation and Documentation

  • Gathering and assessing financial information and
    helping prepare and review financial declaration.

Stage 2: Execution and Implementation

  • I help you understand post-divorce funding
    needs and cash flow projections. This guidance
    will help empower you in the planning and
    execution of long term financial strategies.
    We take this time to start to create a custom
    financial plan.

Stage 3: Financial Management

  • Victoria works with your attorney to help set up
    your power of attorney, health care proxy, and
    estate planning.
  • She help guide you in selecting a long-term
    financial plan with suitable risk management.

If you are thinking of or going through a divorce, schedule a FREE Strategic Planning Session with Victoria Lowell.

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