Divorce Financial Solutions

Divorce Financial Solutions

My mission is to empower women to take control of their finances, connecting their self worth with their net worth by taking positive divorce financial solutions. For many women, the realization that they need to focus on their finances comes when faced with an impending divorce. Our services aim to give them our expertise while being compassionate and supportive through one of the most emotional times in their lives.

The financial maze during divorce can be overwhelming. I strive to give clients knowledge to help them better understand their financial settlement options. Empowering them to make decisions that leave them feeling empowered for the future. Assistance with:

  • Collecting and organizing financial documents and information
  • Financial Affidavit Creation and Revisions
  • Pension Valuation
  • Retirement Account Valuation
  • Equitable Distribution Analysis
  • Life Style Analysis
  • and More

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, C.D.F.A®?

CDFA®  is an acronym for a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. A financial professional who specializes in helping their clients navigate the financial aspect of their divorce.  This certification is given by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analyst. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with 3  years of on-the job experience or if they don’t have a bachelor’s degree, five years of relevant on the job experience. They must complete rigorous course curriculum and examinations. In order retain the designation, all members must complete 30 hours of divorce-related CE credit every two years.

Why is a CDFA® integral to the divorce process?

CDFA® can make a huge difference to the divorce process and attaining settlements that leave clients feeling empowered about their futures. I strive to bring my financial expertise and experience with compassion. The analysis work that we do for clients allows them to project what the financial implications of a settlement will be 5, 10. 20 years into the future.

Collaborative Divorce

Divorce does not have to mean war. The Collaborative Method of Divorce allows couple to uncouple without tearing each other apart. The method allows you to honor your time together, the families that you have created and the goal and hopes that you have for the future. Financial experts coming in as financial neutrals, working with both parties to develop a settlement that allows both of them to know their financial needs have been listened to and considered. Visit the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals to learn more


Mediators will bring in CDFA® to a divorce mediation in order bring clarity to some of the complex financial aspects the couple may be discussing. Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can be brought in as a neutral by the mediator or by individual parties to work with them understand their financial options.


Regardless of the reason that your divorce has taken the litigation path, this is a highly emotional, confusing time. While your legal team can provide incredible support, many times you will need more clarity and assistance when it comes to the financial aspects. We can be a key part of your divorce team. CDFA® can assist in looking potential settlements and help with tax consequences of these settlements. Helping you draft equitable distributions with you understanding how they will impact you in the future.

Post Divorce Transition Support

Helping clients embrace their financial power is what we do. Empowered Worth offers classes and coaching programs that help you establish and achieve your goal, including getting your bearings after your settlement is signed.

Book a Free Strategy Session

  • Only 5 session offered monthly
  • Discuss your financial fears and how we can address them.
  • Review what potential settlements can look like given your situation.
  • Brainstorm what post divorce transition will look like and setting up framework for that future.
  • Connect you with other experts to build your team.
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