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The Greatest Love of All, is Self Love.

When we think about our net worth, our first instinct is to think analytically. We gravitate toward numbers, growth charts and returns. Seldom do we look at ourselves and how our relationship with money correlates to our relationship with ourselves. The fact is that oftentimes they do relate to each other, directly impacting our ability to grow our net worth. Let’s take a look at how loving ourselves first is a part of financial planning.

December 2020-Blog-Great-Things-to-Come

We made it! Here we are just days from celebrating the Holidays and welcoming a New Year. This year has proven to be more challenging than others, but it has also been a year of change and growth here at Empowered Worth. We, like many of you, had to figure out how to pivot and grow in the new normal that Covid-19 presented. Luckily, with the amazing support of our staff, contractors and, most importantly, you our loyal followers, we didn’t miss a beat. In fact, by embracing digital platforms, we were able to expand our reach and impact even more women and their financial power. There are some great things we will be rolling out over the Holidays to further our mission of empowering women to connect with their net worth and their self-worth.

Oct 2020-Why Women Can’t Ignore Retirement Planning!

A great retirement, sailing off into the sunset, is the just reward of every American in the work force. We work hard so that one day we don’t have to anymore. A key ingredient to an amazing retirement is planning. Unfortunately, for women that dream may be very far off from becoming a reality. According to Fidelity Investments, only 4 out of 10 women have a retirement strategy and only 15% of those women have formal retirement plans. Women have been forced into at this disadvantage by societal conventions and forces they may not even be aware of. Yet, there are some simple steps you can take today so that you can have a blissful ride into the sunset.


Gratitude in Trying Times [Infographic]

Wow! November is here, and we are looking at the end of what has been a truly trying year. I can tell all of you that for me, like many of you, this year was not what I was expecting. I, like many of you, found it hard to be optimistic and grateful. Finding empowerment and empowered financials was particularly hard for me. That is why I want to remind everyone of the impact having a gratitude practice can have in your life. Now, it may be harder to find things to be grateful for and we may have to dig deep, as I mentioned in my podcast this month. The infographic below describes some of the data that shows us the incredible positive effects practicing gratitude can have on your professional and personal lives, not to mention your finances.

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