What do you need to grow your money tree? 

The 2M of Money: Mindset and Motivation 

When I was a child, my parents used to always comment that they did not have a money tree in the backyard. I am sure that many of you have also heard that phrase uttered growing up. The symbolism of the money tree growing in one’s backyard is not something new. We know that there are no money trees and no effortless way to snap one’s fingers and make money just magically appear. Yet we also know that for some creating and maintaining wealth is easier for some than others. A disparity created by Money Mindset and Motivation. Let us learn more about how we can align our mindset and motivation to create long lasting prosperity.

What is a Money Mindset? 

Money Mindset is your preconceived beliefs and thoughts that you have about money. They influence how you think, act, perceive and relate to money and all aspects of your wealth. Your mindset was created through your individual experiences and societal conventions. You have been creating your mindset since you were little and first came to realize what money was and the power it had. Many people fall into 4 distinct mindset categories. As I explained in my book, Empower Your Worth: A woman’s guide to increasing self-worth and net-worth, most people fall into one of the following categories.  

Money Mindset and Motivation

Money Avoidance  

Money Status

Money Worship 

Money Vigilance  

Why is one Money Mindset important? 

Money is a fluid entity that flows through every aspect of our lives. Think of it like a connective system. The way we relate to money can have a significant impact in the way we live our lives. For some like those who fall under the money status category of a money worshipper, it is placing an incredibly high value on money and therefore acting in a way that only money is what you value. The accumulation of wealth, regardless of the cost to their family and health, is what drives them. As you can see their mindset affects their day-to-day actions, their family interactions and more. Having a positive money mindset allows you to create wealth that is in line with your goals and values. One’s mindset should work for what motivates them, goals, and values.  

How can we change our mindset? 

The good news is that we can change and grow out of old ways and thoughts. I have created an incredible process in our Empowered Financial Program that will do just that. Financial coaches can help guide you through an intense self-discovery process. You will acknowledge your money past and present and determine your mindset categories. Once you have become in touch with this you can start to change your thoughts and create a new narrative for you and your money. One that brings you abundance and reflects the things that motivate you. The most amazing thing is that this can all be done in our 6-week group program. Sign up today and start changing the way you feel about money, start channeling positivity into your wealth creation, and become a new you.  

Victoria "Vicky" Lowell, Certified Financial Coach, CDFA®, CCFC®
Victoria “Vicky” Lowell, Certified Financial Coach, CDFA®, CCFC®

President of Empowered Worth®

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