What can a C.D.F.A do to ease the divorce process?

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can be the key to having a divorce outcome that leaves divorcing parties feeling empowered and hopeful about their futures. Divorce professionals know the emotional rollercoaster that their clients and families face. The lives of these families have been turned upside down and just keeping their head above water is about all that they can handle. Many times, we professionals struggle to get clients to concentrate on the financial aspects of this process. Situations like this are when bringing a C.D.F.A can be invaluable.

Victoria “Vicky” Lowell, CDFA® Founder and President of Empowered Worth®

What is a C.D.F.A ?

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst is a trained financial specialist that helps clients navigate the financial aspects of divorce. To attain this specialized certification, candidates must have extensive work experience, take rigorous coursework, and pass multiple examinations. This specialized training gives a C.D.F.A the expertise to help those who are divorcing make financial decisions while considering long range planning implications. In essence, arriving at divorce settlements that are equitable for all parties involved.

How can a C.D.F.A facilitate the process?

Most married couples who have decided to end their marriage will do so through one of three process: collaboration, mediation, or litigation. A professional who is certified as a Divorce Financial Analyst can help with all three processes.

 If your clients have decided to uncouple through the collaborative process, a C.D.F.A. will act as the financial neutral. This financial neutral will gather all the financial information from both clients and provide them analysis that can help them agree on settlements. This is important to understanding the monetary implication of those settlements in the future.

 Couples that are going through mediation will find that using the services of a C.D.F.A. can help them with the following:

  • Valuations
  • Financial and Retirement Planning
  • Collecting and gathering Financial Documents
  • Settlement Analysis
  • Executive compensation analysis

For those couples that, unfortunately, find themselves litigating their divorce in front of a judge, a CDFA can also be useful as an expert witness and sometimes assist with forensic accounting. While CDFA’s are expert in the financial aspects, they cannot provide legal advice. While there are CPA’s that are also CDFA’s, it is important to note that a CPA does not typically handle financial planning.

On good day, money and financials are something that a lot of people avoid. Statically, we know that many women have left most if not all the financial decisions to their spouses. People who fall into these scenarios are facing additional turmoil and stress during the divorce process. For them the assistance of a C.D.F.A. can be the difference between a journey that is empowering instead of discouraging, and a future that is bright instead of bleak.

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