The Greatest Love of all, Self-Love!

The intimate connection between our Self Love and Net Worth

When we think about our net worth, our first instinct is to think analytically. We gravitate toward numbers, growth charts and returns. Seldom do we look at ourselves and how our relationship with money correlates to our relationship with ourselves. The fact is that oftentimes they do relate to each other, directly impacting our ability to grow our net worth. Let’s take a look at how loving ourselves first is a part of financial planning.

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Putting Yourself First Counts!

Self-love has become a very trendy catch phrase of late and while it may be new to some it has actually always been around.  It is simply making an effort to make sure you are taking care of your needs now and tomorrow. Practicing a little “me time” vs “we time” is not selfish, it’s key to empowering yourself.  When you take time to say yes to you and no to the things that don’t add something to your life, you are starting on the path to empowerment. Slowly, you will see that you have moved on from behaviors that are hurting you and common for those that don’t love themselves, for example:

  • Not speaking up for yourself
  • Over Booking Yourself
  • Not trusting your judgment
  • Letting fear takeover

Changing these behaviors by practicing self-love will change many things in your life and, in the end, improve your financial bottom line.

How do I love myself?  Let me count the ways.

There are a multitude of ways that we can show ourselves some love every day. Think of doing any if the following, according to Psychology Today these are some great tip for self-care.

  • Be mindful of your needs and wants
  • Practice Self-Care (exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.)
  • Set boundaries
  • Protect Yourself
  • Live Intentionally.

When we start taking care of our minds, body and spirit, we start to acknowledge that we have value with these tiny actions. What start as occasional small acts become daily parts of our routine that uplift and enrich our life. Act by Act, Drop by Drop we increase our self-worth and that starts to spill over into the other parts of our lives, even the financial parts.

Empowering Your Worth: Increase Your Self Worth and Net Worth

My bestselling book Empower Your Worth”, tackled the relationship between self-worth and net worth. I examined the 4 distinct money scripts that most people have: avoidance, worship, status and vigilance. The common thread in all of these is how we value ourselves.  This relates to how we feel about money, do we deserve our money, is money more important than ourselves, are we only the sum of our bank accounts, or are we incapable of handling our money.  Think back to the self -love tips I gave you before and check out how they relate to your finances.

  • Mindfulness of our wants and needs = Realistic Budget Creation
  • Personal Self -Care = Better Quality of Life = Desire for Financial Improvement
  • Setting Boundaries = Advocating financially for yourself
  • Protecting Yourself= Planning for Retirement
  • Live Intentionally – You will ask for that raise, you will be eager to take your seat the financial table.

The false narrative that women are not good with numbers and should leave their financial power in the hands of others rings hollow when we have the self-worth to know and believe better. The formula is simple: SELF LOVE = SELF WORTH = NET WORTH 

EMPOWERED WORTH is here to help you with all the formulas, Our Free Membership, Master Class, and more, are acts of self-love that you can give yourself today.  Last year, my podcast guest Leora Leon gave us incredible insight into the power of self love, and this was echoed by other guests as well.  Our affiliate Adita Lang has gifted all of you an amazing calendar for this month to help you practice some fitness self -care. Download you copy today, HERE!

Remember that we are in the business of empowering your worth, because YOU ARE WORTHY, so please be our valentine and your own. Sign up for our FREE MEMBERSHIP OR MASTERCLASS  and join our private FACEBOOK GROUP: THE WOMEN OF EMPOWERED WORTH.

Victoria "Vicky" Lowell, CDFA, CCFA
Victoria “Vicky” Lowell, CDFA, CCFA

Founder and President of Empowered Worth, Financial Advocate and Coach, Motivational Speaker, International Bestselling Author, and Host of the Empowered Worth: Worthy Wisdom for Women Podcast

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