Victoria "VIcky" Lowell CDFA®, CCFC® , Certified Financial Coach

The time is now!

Empowered Worth mission is to help you start to think financially and not emotionally.”

-Victoria “Vicky” Lowell CDFA®; CCFC®

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Empowered Worth® and Victoria Lowell are helping women:

  • Take their seat at the financial table
  • Find financial solutions for difficult life transitions
  • Connect their self worth with their net worth
  • and more

Empowered Worth® Offers Amazing Services….

Empowered Divorces

Divorce Financial Solutions

Empowered Worth Coaching

Financial Coaching

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Empowered Worth offers a membership that provides an incredible online course in basic personal finance and investing. Each Module has been crafted by Founder Victoria “Vicky” Lowell to be not just educational but also accessible and easy to use. A great start to connecting with your self worth and starting to embrace your financial power.

Change the Narrative

Empowered Worth Members get the knowledge they have been craving. Information that helps them change the narrative that women can’t handle their finances. Empowerment and Confidence to empower their self -worth and their net worth. Modules cover topics from budgetting to investing to retirement planning.

Meet Our Founder

Victoria “Vicky” Lowell is a financial educator dedicated to empowering women with the knowledge to become active participants in the planning of their financial future and well-being.

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